About Us

Take a step in the right direction and get professional help with your tenancy matter:

Services we Provide
  • Community Education
  • Outreach services (We will come to you, subject to availability and/or when required we can visit)
  • Duty Advocacy

We Advocate and Assist with the following when available:

  • Write letters of support
  • Telephone Advice
  • Attend the Tribunal (NSW Civil Administrative Tribunal – NCAT)
  • Tribunal (NCAT) Mediation & Advocacy
  • Assist with Housing Appeals Committee applications and hearings and other appeal applications
  • Assist to resolve Repairs and Maintenance issues
  • Help find services that can assist with other issues
  • Attend meetings with your landlord including Housing NSW
  • Negotiations with landlords
  • Referrals
  • Individual home visits