Legislation is changing along with a review and further updates. x

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We would like to acknowledge the traditional owners of the lands and pay our respect to elders both past and present.


Auspicing Changing as of 21st December, 2016 and you will be notified of the successful tenderers.

*Note: Both GSATS and WATAAS are now auspiced by NSW Aboriginal Legal Service.

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Greater Sydney Tenants Advice Service (GSATS)

Western NSW Advice Service (WATAAS) North

North West Aboriginal Tenants Advice Service (NATAAS)

Newcastle Outreach (NATAAS)

Murra Mia Aboriginal Tenants Advice Service

Aboriginal Resource Unit (ARU)



Statement of Purpose

The Aboriginal Tenancy and Advice services along with the Aboriginal Resource Unit’s object is to provide a pro-active service that is both professional and culturally sensitive which contributes positively to the development of Aboriginal communities. We work in a non-discriminatory manner for Aboriginal people to access support, representation, advice, information, conciliation and education via a strong commitment to Aboriginal Communities.