• Contact your Tenancy Services immediately when there is a problem.
  • Always pay your rent even if repairs are needed. If you stop paying rent it will be bad for your case if you have to attend a Tribunal (NCAT) Hearing.
  • Keep all receipts and letters from your landlord.
  • If you receive a notice to attend a Tribunal (NCAT) hearing you must do so. If you do not the matter will be heard without you. You can ask for the matter to be dealt with on another date so you can get help.
  • Going on a Rent Strike is a breach of your tenancy agreement and the landlord can take steps to end your tenancy.
  • If the tenant pays the arrears in full or agrees to a repayment plan, the Tribunal (NCAT) cannot terminate the tenancy, unless the landlord can show there have been frequent previous arrears.
  • If there are maintenance issues TAKE PHOTOS .
  • If you receive a Notice of Termination do not vacate your premises. Contact your service immediately.
  • There are Pay and Stay options (Pay your arrears  and stay)
  • We can assist with TICA Issues (bad tenant database)

Did you know?

  • There is effective regulation of tenants databases
  • There are options for survivors of domestic violence to change their tenancy agreement
  • There are “Fee Free” methods of paying rent
  • There is new early termination by tenants processes
  • There are No Grounds Evictions
  • There are changes to Alterations to Premises policies
  • There is inclusion of Shared Housing tenancies
  • There may be Water Sewerage Payments
  • Extra bedroom payments maybe applicable for public housing
  • There has been an introduction of a 3 strikes policy for public housing



The following links and resources below can provide you with further information that may assist with your tenancy issues.

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Your Bond – Get More Bang For Your Bond Campaign

Please contact your Aboriginal Advice and Advocacy services for promotional materials or to organise community education sessions.


Fact Sheets

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