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Address: 21 Old Princess Highway Batemans Bay NSW 2536
Postal Address PO Box 1138 Batemans Bay 2536
Office Hours: 9am - 4pm - Monday to Thursday, 9am-12pm Friday


Murra Mia also provides out of office outreach support for clients requiring, representation at the Tribunal, client visits, and mediation and advocacy between tenant and land lord. We provide this service right across our region which includes, the Illawarra, South coast, Southern Highlands, Hume Murray, and Riverina.   We welcome your feedback on our Services, Click here to send us a message.



  1. The Tenancy Worker undertakes to expressly act on the instructions of the client taken by phone or in person. Once decisions have been made in respect to the content of the application, the  Tribunal (NCAT) application is binding and final. No amendments will be made after the first appearance at the  Tribunal (NCAT).  If negotiations have been agreed upon, they will not be altered.
  2. The client understands that their file will be discussed with other Tenancy Workers at the service.
  3. Murra Mia is a free service.  However, charges may be incurred in respect to filing fees with the Tribunal (NCAT) and other authorities if required – for example Freedom of Information.  These fees vary but costs will need to be forwarded to our Service prior to any applications being forwarded on your behalf.  Students and pensioners have discounted fees that are applicable.  If in hardship, referral can be made to a Brokerage Service.  Non compliance of these conditions will lead to the closure of the file.
  4. The client agrees to respond to any request for information and/or appointment or to any correspondence forwarded to the client by the service within the specified time.  If appointments are broken twice and/or if information is not forwarded as requested, the file will not be re-opened until such matters are remedied.  This will be subject to agreement with Caseworkers.
  5. The client acknowledges that withholding information which is relevant to their matter may result in the service ceasing to represent the client and the file being closed by the service.
  6. If the service and/or a caseworker become aware of a conflict of interest, the client acknowledges that the service or caseworker will cease to act for the client, refer to another caseworker, arrange for a suitable referral or close the file.
  7. Where the service makes a decision to close the client’s file, a closing letter will be forwarded to the client.
  8. Confirmed Aboriginality may be required.
  9. The client must notify the service immediately if their address or telephone number changes.
  10. Abusive behaviour will not be tolerated.

Please note that individual Aboriginal Tenant Services may have different conditions of services.

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